Gyotaku Snapper

Gyotaku Red Snapper

Life-size Gyotaku rubbing of a Snapper

This piece of art is an original life-size Gyotaku rubbing of a Snapper on handmade black Mulberry paper. The paper can be cut or torn to the size that fits your need. The Snapper has been rubbed more than once, but each rubbing creates a unique and one of a kind work of art.

Paper size: 39 x 53 inches
Fish size: 12 x 33 inches

The Unryu Mulberry Paper is handmade in Thailand from the inner fiber of the mulberry bush. It is light weight with a smooth surface that feathers beautifully when hand torn. Strands of fiber are added to the sheet to create contrast and texture. Since the paper is handmade, each sheet is unique.


Product ID: 20-35

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