Wilderness Fishing with Captain Warren

Warren has searched the world for unique fishing locations which not only provide abundant fishing, but are also remote and untouched by tourism. While these areas are largely undiscovered and accommodations might be rustic, the fishing is prolific, the captains and mates are passionate, and the fishing equipment is top notch. Warren will guide his anglers from the moment they get off the plane, making sure that the fishing is all it can be and that the whole experience is a smooth one, regardless the remote destinations. He will host guided fishing tours to Panama, Galapagos Islands and Tahiti.


“The kind of fishing I like to do usually takes me to remote areas with lots of fish, beautiful scenery, and few other anglers. I will personally guide you to whatever species you wish to encounter. I do not guarantee fish, or good weather, but I do promise you a trip of a lifetime.”  Captain Warren

Panama – Central America  /  2022: January 27 – February 21

Wilderness fishing is what Captain Warren looks for in a destination. Panama’s abundant fishing, lush jungles and remote beaches certainly define wilderness fishing. Sailfish and huge yellowfin tuna provide challenging and exciting opportunities for anglers. Shoreline species are of epic proportions. Warren has fished this area for many years and finds it one of the best spots any fisherman could hope for.

Panama, located on the isthmus between Central and South America, is easily reached by major airlines. The capital, Panama City, is a cosmopolitan city with both modern skyscrapers and old colonial buildings. On the outskirts are secluded beaches and rainforests. The infrastructure of Panama is among the best in Central America.

The Pacific coastline from Panama City to David is to this day largely unpopulated. It is no surprise that local Indians named their country Panama which means Place of Good Fishing.


panama guided fishing vacation

2022 Fishing Package

Warren will pick you up at the airport in Panama and after spending the night in Panama City you will head for the fishing location the next morning where you’ll enjoy the next five days fishing from sun-up to sun-down! You will sleep in a rustic yet comfortable house with electricity, running water and air conditioning. There is a small local restaurant nearby that will cook up your catch for dinner, accompanied by local side dishes.

panama fishing photo

The Location

The secret fishing location is on the Pacific coast of Panama about a five hour drive from Panama City. Since it is remote, it is devoid of tourists and other anglers. There is a small village with a restaurant where you will be able to mingle with the locals, who often arrive on horseback.

Sportfishing Panama

The Boat

Finding a suitable boat in this remote area was challenging, as large boats are not available. But the 28 ft Panga fit the bill. It has a shade tarp, open casting area and a rod holder for trolling. It has all safety equipment, GPS, Depth Sounder, and tackle for inshore and offshore.

Sportfishing Panama

The Fishing

The number of available species is what really makes it special. Sailfish are abundant, as are dorado and wahoo, and the largest tuna landed so far is about 175 lbs! Since the fishing is in such a remote area, and there are seldom other boats there is no pressure on the fish.

Tahiti – French Polynesia  /  late 2023

The Islands of Tahiti French Polynesia are located in the heart of the South Pacific halfway between California and Australia. The hundred and eighteen atolls and islands that make up French Polynesia are comprised of stunning mountain peaks, aqua lagoons and turquoise waters with white, pink and black sand beaches. Many of the atolls are largely undiscovered and pristine, devoid of tourists. A plethora of sea life inhabit the crystal clear-water coral gardens that are as excellent for fishing as they are for diving, swimming and snorkeling. The climate is tropical yet moderate with the average ambient temperate around 80°F, and water temperature in the lagoons around 79°F.

This fishing trip is not a deluxe vacation to a five star hotel with cocktails and massages on the beach. What makes this destination so unique is that the atoll is located away from any tourism and without hotels, souvenir shops or bars. You will likely be the only visitor there and the only fisherman out on the water. When not out fishing, swimming or snorkeling you will have the opportunity to befriend the very welcoming local Tahitians and maybe join them for a game of Jeux de Boule.

This is a chance to immerse yourself into French Polynesian culture while enjoying spectacular fishing for many species such as marlin, tuna, dolphinfish and wahoo.

To book a guided trip with Warren call him at 1-626-656-3474

tahiti guided fishing tours

Galapagos – South America  / early 2023


The Galapagos Islands are located exactly on the equator, six hundred nautical miles off the coast of Ecuador. The Galapagos, a 17000 sq mi archipelago, the newest on the planet, is under the care of the ‘Parque Nacional de Galapagos’.

In order to manage this immense natural wonder, a few Galapagos born citizens are allowed to work there, mainly in Park Services, coast guard and Ecuadorian Navy. Some tourism has been accepted as a way to provide an income. Tourism companies work hand in hand with the Park Service to insure minimal impact on the environment.

Galapagos Islands are home to black and blue marlin, and a mecca for striped marlin, the most acrobatic of the bill fish family. The banks off San Cristobal will give you one of the best opportunities in the world to catch numerous striped marlin, and the average day can produce as many as thirty to fifty sightings.

The next tour will leave in 2022, to book or enquire about a solo trip call Warren at 1-626-656-3474

galapagos guided fishing tours

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