Fishing with Captain Warren Sellers

fishing charters with captain warren sellers

Captain Warren Sellers played a significant role in the development of sportfishing tourism in Costa Rica. In the mid 1970s, when Costa Rica was still relatively unknown as a fishing destination, Warren was hired as a sportfishing captain for Bahia Pez Vela, a new luxurious resort. His experience and knowledge of the local waters helped put Costa Rica on the map as a premier destination for sportfishing.

After several years of working at Bahia Pez Vela, Warren saved enough money to purchase a 22-foot Boston Whaler. With his friend Randy, they started Tamarindo’s first sportfishing operation. Over time, they built a successful business and helped create a thriving sportfishing industry in Tamarindo.

Warren’s passion for sportfishing and his dedication to providing top-notch service to his clients helped establish Costa Rica as a world-renowned fishing destination. Today, thousands of anglers come to Costa Rica each year to fish for marlin, sailfish, tuna, and other species, thanks in large part to pioneers like Captain Warren Sellers.

In 2003, after many years of running a successful sportfishing operation in Costa Rica, Warren decided to pursue new adventures and sold his boat. He embarked on a quest to find the best fishing destinations around the world that were still largely undiscovered, yet provided abundant fishing opportunities. His search led him to remote and pristine locations in Panama, the Galapagos, and Tahiti.

Today, Warren is highly regarded for his expertise in remote wilderness fishing trips. He guides anglers on unforgettable fishing experiences in some of the most breathtaking and untouched fishing destinations in the world.

Warren’s contributions to the sportfishing community extend beyond his guiding work. He has been featured in several international television shows and sportfishing magazines, and has also contributed to fishing books and guides. One such book is Fly Patterns by Fishing Guides, which is available for purchase on

Gyotaku Fish Printing

gyotaku fish print

Warren Sellers is an accomplished Gyotaku artist and creates colorful prints of the fish he catches while out on fishing trips. These prints capture the unique beauty and details of each individual fish, and are a beautiful way to preserve the memory of a successful fishing trip.

Gyotaku fish printing is a beautiful and ancient art form that originated in Japan in the early 1800s. It involves taking a rubbing of a freshly caught fish on mulberry paper, using non-toxic paints.

Visit Warren’s Fish Prints Etsy shop.

wilderness fishing in panama with captain warren sellers

Wilderness Fishing Destinations

wilderness fishing

The Pacific coastline from Panama City to David is to this day largely unpopulated. There are many uninhabited islands which have some of the best fishing in the world. Panama means ‘place of good fishing’.

galapagos fishing

Galapagos Islands is home to black and blue marlin, and is a true mecca for striped marlin. The banks off San Cristobal will give you one of the best opportunities in the world to catch numerous striped marlin.

wilderness fishing

Many of the atolls in French Polynesia are undiscovered and pristine, devoid of tourists, allowing for an unique fishing trip in a truly tropical paradise. Sport fishing for marlin is truly spectacular.

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