About Captain Warren Sellers

Guided sportfishing toursCaptain Warren Sellers was one of the very first sportfishing captains in Costa Rica. In the early 70's when Costa Rica was still largely undiscovered, Warren was hired to become a sportfishing captain for Bahia Pez Vela, a new luxurious sportfishing resort. After working there for several years Warren saved up enough money to buy a 22 ft Boston Whaler and with his friend Randy started Tamarindo's first sportfishing operation.

As Costa Rica became better known, Warren upgraded boats a few times and continued to take anglers out fishing for sailfish, marlin, tuna, rooster fish, wahoo, and more. The joke was that Warren knew the waters out of Tamarindo so well that he knew all the fish by name. Over the next 25 years Warren would captain anglers from across the globe to experience the outstanding fishing in Tamarindo. Eventually he would expand to include Playa Carrillo and Islas Murcielagos.


Ever on the search to create better and more unique fishing experiences for his anglers, he decided for a change in 2003, sold his boat and moved out of Costa Rica. Warren selected the top Tamarindo, Los Suenos, Quepos and Aguila de Osa captains for anglers who wanted to charter in Costa Rica. Then he scowered the world for the best fishing destinations that were still largely undiscovered, yet provided abundant fishing. Today he guides anglers on trips to Panama and the Galapagos, and next year he will include a few new destinations, one of which is Tahiti.

Warren is well known and respected in the sportfishing world and has appeared in several international television shows, sportfishing magazines and has contributed in fishing books and guides.

gyotaku fish prints

When not on the water, Warren creates Gyotaku fish prints, an ancient Japanese fish printing art using mulberry paper. Gyotaku was created by Japanese warlords in the early 1800s. Warren will take rubbings of the freshly caught fish with non toxic paints so the fish can be safely consumed afterwards. See Warren's Gyotaku Fish Print Gallery.

Guided sportfishing tours

Happy Anglers

Sportfishing anglers

"Warren is the best all around fisherman I have ever fished with, from all perspectives. I assess his skills from an educated view since I was a mate for many years on a charter boat. His ability to locate fish and understand what will make them bite is uncanny. Further, the number of fish in Costa Rica off the Bat Islands or Tamarindo is eye popping. This is the best place in the world to catch a wide variety of species that include Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo and more. In my several trips with Warren we have caught more fish, big fish with him that I have caught in all my years combined. Warren is easy to get along with and a great person. If you want to catch fish and have a great adventure, fish with Warren!"

Ben Lazar
Woodstock, GA

"I recommend Warren Sellers as one of the best fishing captains operating in Costa Rica. Honest, knowledgeable, energetic and reasonable in his fees."

Carlos M. Barrantes
IGFA rep. for Costa Rica

"Capt. Warren Sellers is one of Costa Rica's most experienced skippers. Comments from the many customers we've sent to him over the past 11 years confirm what we already knew - he's one of the best in the business"

Doug Schlink
Angler Adventures

"We had a fabulous time. The Sailfish were amazing. Tell Warren we all had a great time and look forward to another trip in the future. I used one of my photos as my screen saver on my computer. I dream of the trip every day."

Joe Montano
Douglaston, NY

"On August, 2003, I got my first blue marlin (500lb) and made two hours of stand-up fight. Truly my first experience. Captain Warren gave me a perfect fighting platform with excellent boat maneuver. The fight was very exhaustive but the fish was quickly released and returned to the depth of Pacific ocean. I recommend Captain Warren if you pursue world-class fishing."

Naoto Kondo
Tokyo, Japan

"Wanted to tell you that we enjoyed fishing with Warren very much. It was great to fish with someone who is that experienced but still took the time to teach and explain. My daughter, 15, hadn't fished since she was 8 years old but in large part due to Warren's abilities with the boat she was able to boat her first sailfish."

Gary Gardner
Friendswood, TX

"Having fished Kona, Cozumel, Venezuela, Salinas, Puerto Rico, and several less exotic places I can truly say that the best of the best is with Captain Warren Sellers in Tamarindo. Cpt. Warren is a pioneer in billfishing Costa Rica and brings his skill and knowledge to the boat each day. Fishing a large center console boat without a mate has made Cpt. Warren a master of efficiency. To experience a hook-up, the battle, and the release of a great fish from such a perspective is a never ending thrill which has forced my return for more than 15 years. This is as close to a fishing 'sure-thing' as is possible."

R.L. Weed Jr. M.D.
Atlanta, GA

"Great time! We caught 6 sails, and plenty of dorado that we brought home. Warren and Eddie were awesome, we couldn't have asked for a better crew."

Jim Luyster
Pine Beach, NJ